Is there a security problem ?

Although you might have heard of violence in Mexico, Puerto Escondido is a very safe and quiet area and Amalys is part of Villas Cumana, a gated community. At all times, two staff members are sleeping on site, in the staff house.

When we rent the entire resort, is the house shared with other people ?

No, when you rent the resort, it is exclusively rented to your group.

Do you have air conditioning ?

Yes, we do have air conditioning in each of the bedrooms with a fee of US$ 10 per night, per room

Can we surf in front of Amalys ?

Yes you can. On some days the waves are great to surf, but if you are a serious surfer you will probably want to drive into town to the world famous Mexican pipeline at Zicatela Beach.

Can we swim in front of your resort ?

Yes, you can. The beach is sandy, with a gradual slope, and the water is warm but the ocean can sometimes be strong and you must be very careful. We recommend using a floatation device such as a boogie board or life jacket for children or anyone who is not a strong swimmer.

Is there malaria in Puerto Escondido ?

Puerto Escondido is a malaria free zone and there is no need for medication.

Can we drink water ?

Filtered water is available in a water jug in each room. Water from the tap is not filtered and therefore not for consumption. Our staff replenishes your jug every morning but will be happy to do so at any time if you let them know. Otherwise, a large filtered water container is located next to the kitchen where you can, at any time, fill up your glass. The staff only uses filtered water when they cook and they clean vegetables using special drops added to the water.

Will my mobile or cell phone work ?

Yes, cell phone service is available (subject to your carrier plan and network availability). Phone cards of different denominations can be purchased in town.

What is the tipping or gratuity policy ?

Yes it is usual to give 100 pesos per guest per night

Is there a gym or fitness facility nearby ?

There is a small gym in the resort behind the media room.

What should we wear or bring ?

The weather is mild and tropical throughout the year. Be sure to bring light clothes, sunscreen and creams, sandals, hats and clothes to protect from the sun. For dinner, casual elegant clothing is perfect.