Puerto Escondido is an exceptional beach destination. From November to May, we have sunny skies with 80-85 degrees every day. Puerto is also special in that it is not a windy oceanfront destination. Parasols are left out year round for those who prefer shade.

From pristine sandy beaches to the bird-filled mangroves, this destination offers something for every taste and interest.


The mountains also provide excellent opportunities for day trips and hiking.

Our Top Picks for Leisure

At Amalys

  • Sunrise and sunset walk or jog along the beach.
  • Watch the sunset during a horse ride down the beach.
  • From your suite at Amalys, from the pool and the beach club, watch shore birds, whales, dolphins and pelicans.
  • Practice yoga at sunrise.

Beyond Amalys

  • At the Laguna de Manialtepec, explore the mangroves, go bird watching, and discover the bioluminescence on a private boat tour. (12 kms north of Puerto Escondido)
  • Go on a fishing trip at dawn.
  • Go for a walk at Playa Zicatela (Puerto Escondido), the international surf destination with restaurants, shops, parachute jumping, horseback riding and beautiful sunsets.
  • Observe whales and dolphins on a marine boat tour.
  • Drive south and discover some small, laid back villages: La Escobilla and La Ventanilla release baby sea turtles. Mazunte and the Punta Cometa are the southernmost point of the Oaxaca shoreline, a high energy zone. Zipolite has famous beaches. (20 miles south)
  • Take a day trip and hike through mountainous coffee plantations.
  • Try paddle boarding at Carrizalillo beach.
  • Discover your favorite beach in Puerto Escondido: Playas Carrizalillo, Bacocho, Marinero, Puerto Angelito and Manzanillo.
  • Discover the Lagunas de Chacagua (80 km NW of Puerto Escondido); a National Park with iguanas, crocodriles and hundreds of birds.


The mangroves support special habitats because of the fresh and salt water mix; migratory birds, shrimp, and bioluminescent plankton live here. Osprey, golden and bald eagles, storks, ibis, blue and green herons, woodpeckers, martin fishers, parrots, Northern songbirds can all be seen on observation tours. After watching the sunset on a secluded beach, discovering the magic of the bioluminescence at nightfall is a truly memorable experience.

Travelling just an hour to the mountains is a drastic change in scenery. The landscape is green and luscious year round. It is possible to hike to waterfalls, through coffee plantations and to remote mountain villages whose main activity is coffee growing.